About Cogen Cleaning Global

Cogen Cleaning is an internationaly recognized engineered pre-op cleaning service provider. We offer experienced services with a critical path objective. You can count on us for your project!

Cogen Cleaning Technology Inc. will provide professional quality, engineered, and safe pre-op cleaning services which will meet or exceed our customers’ expectations on schedule and within budget.

CCT provides the following services:

  • Hydrostatic Testing of all vessels, piping and pressure parts
  • Circulating Degrease & Citric Acid Cleaning of HRSG’s, boilers and piping
  • Circulating Degreasing of HRSG’s and Boilers
  • Steam Blows of headers, boilers, HRSG’s and process lines
  • Airblows of HRSG’s, boilers, and process equipment
  • Gas Line Air Blows on underground and above ground piping up to the burners
  • Line Purging
  • ACC Flushing
  • Hydrolazing of piping systems and vessels
  • Oil Flushing of all rotating equipment
  • Surge Flushing of process lines
  • Vaporphase Flushing

Cogen Cleaning Technology (CCT) can provide complete, turn-key services (engineering, equipment, and supervision) or we can provide equipment only, based on your design. Sample drawings and engineering can be provided to assist in design.