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Air blowing of natural gas and/or steam lines is a service that uses compressed oil free air. A quick opening valve is used to rapidly release the pressure to atmosphere. High and Low set-points are determined by the system being cleaned. CCT can also provide a pneumatic target inserter to eliminate the use of a manual target bar. Targets can be made out of any metal desired and in any length to accommodate different line sizes. Air Blows have been accepted across the country as a safe alternative to using natural gas to clean fuel supply lines to CTG’s and Boilers. Air Blows on steam lines have the economic impact of no water consumption and fuel cost.

Surge Flushing

CCT’s High Velocity Surge Flush is designed to be a, low pressure quick method for achieving identifiable results in long runs of piping. This method requires very little water and can attain velocities of 200 feet per second. The surge flush method will remove construction debris, semi adherent material, and safely transport the removed items out of the system. CCT uses an air receiver, quick opening valve and temporary pipe to control the exiting water capsule.

This method allows for quick cleaning of piping systems without need for disposal of cleaning solutions.
Surge flushing is typically more effective removing/cleaning semi adherent material on the inside walls of piping as a small amount of water is used in the process. Cleanliness is approved by the cleanliness of the water/air exiting the pipe and visual inspection of the piping in visual accessible areas.

Setting Up the Equipment for the Air Blow

We used 18 Compressors, 9 Boosters, 9 Coalescent Filters and 14 Fuel Tanks.


The First Blow


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Client Testimonials

Our engineered methods have proven to make the power generation equipment start-up process more efficient, substantially reducing the critical path worries associated with today’s tight construction and commissioning schedules. The CCT approach is to help our customers pre-plan for the upcoming activities in order to minimize delays and keep the project on schedule.

Global EPC Contractor

Cogen is one of the top 50 contractors we have ever worked with in terms of excellence of service and value , which is why we formally recognized thier efforts as a top contractor this year for our power projects.

Bechtel - Elm Road Power Station Manager

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