Equipment Rentals

Hydraulic Pumps

Want to target a line? We can provide target inserters from 10 inches to 30 inches.

Want to do your own Steam Blow? Have CCT design the Steam Blows and rent the equipment from our vast inventory.

Blow Valves

Need a quick-opening valve? CCT stocks many valves as well as skid-mounted pumps, heat exchangers, and hoses — and line flushing equipment for various line sizes.


Need to Air Blow your fuel gas or fuel oil line? CCT can provide all of the pieces, including nuts, studs, and gaskets. Work on your own project schedule.

CCT equipment is the best in the industry and can easily be sent from site to site. The installation process is minimal because this equipment has been designed to be easily adapted for all applications by our people, who have years of field experience. The equipment has been designed to utilize as little setup area as possible and can be positioned next to the HRSG, Boiler, or Turbine without obstruction.

Our sales and service staff have been involved in multiple new projects around the world and are knowledgeable experts in the commissioning of new equipment in the market. They are the best in the business and will assist our customers in engineering and completing the project. Whether it is oil flushing a combustion turbine generator or steam blowing a multiple pressure HRSG, CCT has it covered.

 Here is a short list of some equipment we have for rent:

Target Inserts – Full cross-sectional pneumatic target inserts that utilize brass or carbon steel targets.

Decelerators – Inject water in the temporary steam pipe to desupreheat the steam, which will reduce the noise and eliminate reactionary forces.

Steamblows can be done with either water injection into the temporary piping or dry silencers which require no water injection. The circumstances for utilizing each are as follows:

Dry Silencers are utilized where no personnel will come in contact with the temporary piping, the temporary piing is at full exit temperature, this will require the craft people to be quarantined from the area where the steam piping will be routed.

Water injection type silencers do require injection of water down stream of the permanent piping tie-in, as a result the temporary piping temperature is reduced dramatically. This is the safest application for congested work areas that will contain craft personnel.

Valves – Actuated or manual, all size and pressure ratings.

Line Flushing

Particle Counters

Stainless Hoses


Filter Pots

We have assets available for most applications.

Please contact us to discuss your needs.