Hydrolazing, sometimes also called Aqualazing, is a newer turnaround service that can drastically enhance the results of steam and air blowing. This high pressure water jetting method is effective at removing mill scale, construction debris, and process deposits.

Benefits of hydrolazing include:

  • Reduces the cleaning times and costs of steam and air blowing services by up to 75%
  • Requires 80% less de-mineralized water
  • Cuts natural gas requirements in half
  • Zero environmental impact because no chemicals are required
  • Shaves 5-8 days off of average steam blowing procedures

Hydrolazing is an effective pre-commission and plant reliability service that is appropriate for:

  • 2×1 HRSG plants
  • Process equipment experiencing degraded performance from water contamination or process deposits
  • Process pipes, which it can clean at a lower cost than chemical cleaning methods

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