Ensure the safety of your employees with a thorough industrial plant cleaning service of high-touch areas in your plant.

Plant & Coronavirus Cleaning Services

As an industrial plant cleaning services company we offer comprehensive disinfection services focused on high-traffic areas (bathrooms/work areas/common areas and floor work areas). Thorough disinfection can be done between shifts, daily or weekly as a spread prevention method.  We can also treat your entire facility if cases have already occurred.

  • Our certified plant technicians are already Basic Plus and TWIC Card trained with proper PPE and are actively working in petro-chemical facilities, power plants, and other manufacturing facilities.
  • We can be onsite in 48 hours or less with a trained industrial coronavirus cleaning company crew ready to follow a strict cleaning protocol
  • Our cleaning product is superior to bleach and other alcohol based cleaners because it is:
    • Designed to kill viruses and was used to successfully suppress H1N1 (swine flu) outbreaks
    • Proven to stay in the air longer than alcohol based cleaners and bleach, which evaporate quickly, missing some virus fragments
    • Effective at killing all viruses in less than 10 minutes using OSHA, EPA Compliant and CDC coronavirus cleaning services
    • Hospital grade disinfectant registered with the EPA and approved for use in hospitals, retirement facilities, industrial plants, and more
    • A fast way to create a safe workplace using CDC coronavirus cleaning services that let you return to work within a few hours

Our fogging (wet misting) systems reduce airborne contaminants and ensure no surface is left untreated. This  industrial coronavirus cleaning company disinfectant protocol is proven to eliminate all viruses (including coronavirus), parvovirus, staphylococcus (staph) bacteria, Pseudomonas aeruginosa bacteria, salmonella, aspergillus bacteria, mycobacterium tuberculosis, fungus, and mildew while also acting as a deodorizer.

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